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Hillsound Musical Instruments is a leading UK music shop based in Hampton, Surrey, near London. We supply an extensive range of electric, bass and acoustic guitars, amplifiers and woodwind, brass, string and other instruments.   Read More...

David W

Very helpful, friendly and professional service. A great group of musicians who know their stuff and generally great people. Recommended to anyone that loves music.

Brian T

Hillsound undertook complete re-padding and restoration of my Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax. The quality of work and attention to detail was first class. Score 5 stars.

Stephanie M

A wonderful service and standard of personal care. Love Hillsound Musical Instruments!

Judy M

Hillsound have given me kind, courteous and efficient service ever since they first opened.

Lucy U

I have nothing but praise for Hillsound. Their service and attention to detail has been fantastic. They did a great job repadding and servicing my saxophone.

Phillip P

Kind, friendly and very polite service. The work was completed very quickly and to an incredibly high standard. They went above and beyond the expected!

Alan P

Hillsound can be relied upon to give friendly, prompt and reasonably priced service. After their recent service of my alto sax it was as if I had a new instrument back.

Marek B

Nice shop, friendly and very helpful staff. Great instrument range and brilliant customer service! Highly recommended for every music lover!!

Musical Instrument Repairs

Our busy repair department is the foundation of our business at Hillsound. Founded in 2001 by musician and repairer Leonard Lamprell. MI Repairs offers a dedicated repair service for all musicians from keen amateurs to professional players. Our well equipped on site workshop caters for:
Guitar Repairs
Everything from string changes to set ups, re-frets, neck breaks, restorations and various other custom work.
Saxophone Repairs
Servicing, re-padding adn specialist overhauls for vintage instruments.
Clarinet Repairs
Set-ups, re-pads, crack repairs and general servicing.
Other Woodwind Instruments
Repairs, re-pads and services to Flutes, Oboes, Bassoons and other Woodwind instruments.
Brass Repairs
Set-ups, dent removal and servicing of Trumpets and Cornets.
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Hillsound Tuition

At Hillsound our tuition rooms offer a relaxed yet professional learning environment. Whether you are a complete beginner or have previous musical experience, our friendly, qualified and experienced teacher will tailor your lessons to suit your aspirations.


We offer One-to-One and Two on One tuition on: Classical, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Piano and Keyboard, as well as Drums, Bass Guitar, Vocals and Saxophone.



Children 8 week block (15 min): £100.00

2 to 1 Lesson 8 week block (30 mins): £240.00

1 to 1 Lesson 8 week block (30 mins): £168.00

Trial Lesson: £25.00


"Nicky brings the best out of my son and she knows exactly how to do that, she constantly motivates him, praises him for things that he is doing well and encourages him to improve on his shortcomings and in a way that doesn't come across as being negative."


"The combination of learning and fun has made him look forward to his lessons every week, we are very happy with the progress my son is making at his lessons!"


To book please call us on 020 8977 7788 or send us an email.

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Our popular 'Rent to Buy' scheme gives you the opportunity to try a good quality instrument before making the decision to purchase or try something else. It is fundamentally important that a student has something of good enough quality to give them a fighting chance to continue - many shiny instruments are available these days at tempting prices that are only good as ornaments! General maintenance is free over the rental period as well so you can always be sure the instrument you have is in tip-top playing condition.


  • Learn to play on a new instrument with low cost monthly payments
  • Instruments can be returned at any stage (minimum 3 months)
  • After the 24th payment, the instrument is yours
  • Free maintenance during the rental period
  • Minimum of £150
  • How Do I Start Renting?
    Easy! Just come into the shop with two forms of I.D. - one with photo and one current utility bill, choose from our range of new, pre owned or ex-rental instruments and fill in our rental agreement form. The initial 3 month rental is paid by debit or credit card and you are good to go. The whole thing takes litle more than 30 minutes.