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There are many shiny instruments available these days at tempting prices that are basically best used as ornaments! An instrument that is poorly made and not properly set up can be difficult to play and be an unnecessary stumbling block in the way of any budding new musician.

In my years as musician, saxophone teacher, Instrument maker and technician I have seen many new players defeated by inferior quality and poorly setup instruments. This was part of my inspiration to train in musical instrument construction and maintenance as well as the inspiration behind our instrument rental schemes.

Our popular Rental scheme offers you the opportunity to try a good quality instrument for minimal outlay before making the decision to purchase or try something else. It is fundamentally important that a student has something of good enough quality to give them a fighting chance to continue. 

 General maintenance is free over the rental period as well so you can always be sure the instrument you have is in tip-top playing condition. 

Low Cost Rental
  • Learn to play on a good quality instrument with low cost monthly payments
  • Instruments can be returned at any stage (minimum 3 months)
  • Free maintenance during the rental period.
  • In the first 6 months 75% of all rental paid can be put towards the cost of a new instrument. 

  • How Do I Start Renting?
    Easy! Just come into the shop with two forms of I.D. - one with photo, a current utility bill and bank details to set up a direct debit. The initial 3 month rental is paid by debit or credit card and you are good to go. The whole thing takes little more than 30 minutes.

     For further advice and information please call or email to arrange an appointment with us
    020 8977 7788