Musical Instrument Repairs

Welcome to MIRepairs at Hillsound

MI Repairs was established in 2001 by musician and repairer Leonard Lamprell, originally trading as The Hampton Repair Workshop.

Leonard has a wealth of experience and knowledge built up over thirty years in the music industry. This time has been spent as professional musician, retail manager of a number of well known UK music stores and as a highly respected, experienced and qualified repairer.

At MI Repairs our emphasis is on customer service and high quality repairs at reasonable rates.

Always be assured of a warm welcome and helpful advice - we look forward to seeing you at the workshop.   

MI Repairs offers a dedicated repair service for all musicians from keen amateurs to professional players. Our well equipped on site workshop caters for :

Guitar Repairs:

All the usual . . .  set-ups, fret dressing, re-frets, neck breaks etc - We don't publish prices as they will vary from guitar to guitar depending on the work required. On inspection we give a free no obligation quote. Our charges are reasonable and competative based on our workshop Hourly rate of - First hour £40 and £35 per hour thereafter. 

Woodwind Repairs

My speciality is Saxophone though I am equally experienced with clarinet, flute, bassoon and oboe and have been repairing all professionally for over 15 years now.

Repair Schedule:

Set-up (level 1)
Recommended for instruments regularly serviced and in reasonable condition.
Full visual inspection
check all pads and corks for wear and tear
Magnehelic pressure test, check all pads are seating correctly and re-seat as required
regulate and adjust key mechanisms as required
Moving parts lubricated as required
Wooden instruments treated with bore oil
Instrument is fully re-checked and play tested.

Set Up (Level 2)
As above where some keywork may need to be removed to replace pads. 

As level 1 but instruments are completely stripped down and a thorough inspection of all parts made.
Plastic instruments are washed
Wooden instruments are cleaned and treated with organic bore oil
Pillars and keywork are cleaned and polished as required
Springs are checked and replaced as required
Toneholes are checked and repaired or re faced as required
Toneholes can be treated with lacquer to help prevent future chipping (OPTIONAL)
Rod screws and all hinges are degreased and lubricated on re assembly
Up to 2 pads and 2 corks can be replaced free with this option
On re assembly the key mechanisms are fully regulated
Final inspection,adjustments,magnehelic pressure test and play test

Re Pad
Service option with replacement of all pads

Repad including replacement of all corks and any springs necessary

Dave P

Absolutely knocked out by the brilliant result of all your hard work and expertise. I am indeed very, very happy with the result! I thought that guitar was dead and gone but you've brought it back! Plays Great!

Jeremy F

Many thanks once again for the work you did on the Loree oboe. The results are excellent - the oboe looks great and feels so much easier to play.

Bill A

Now I've had a chance to sit down & play my 'serviced' Takamine. I would never have thought it would make such a difference. It sounded great to start with, but its even better now - what a great tone! It really is like a new neck & I'm not being fooled by new strings either, it plays better than ever.

Julian S

Just to let you know that my son Al came round to collect the guitar yesterday, was absolutely delighted with it and played beautifully on it for nearly an hour. Thank you for your wonderful restoration.

Lucy U

I have nothing but praise for Hillsound. Their service and attention to detail has been fantastic. They did a great job repadding and servicing my saxophone.

David S

You have returned my Les Paul's neck to its former glory and I am very pleased with the set up, money well spent. Sound's great through the Cornford Harlequin and is resonating like it used to. Only my neighbours will be sorry!

Gillian Q

I can say that a proper overhaul has definitely been worth every penny. I've just been having a practice and, although I thought it was OK before, it is so much better now. I can't wait to join my clarinet group on Thursday.

Piotr B that what my sax is supposed to sound like! What a difference...have just gone up two grades...I love it!